9 Advantages of Trading Forex Full Time

9 Advantages of Trading Forex Full Time

Many traders are considering moving to forex trading full time, unlike the overwhelming majority preferring part time trading. There are advantages and drawbacks to the current approach of managing forex as a primary function. during this article we’ll attempt to list the foremost important advantages that we are able to get from trading forex full time.

First Feature

More time to trade. the primary and most evident advantage is longer to practice trading. Part-time trading requires that you simply devote the time necessary to try and do your daily job and do the standard tasks reception, so there might not be enough time left to trade successfully within the forex market. Full-time trading solves this dilemma by dedicating the complete day to practicing trading tasks.

The Second Feature

Work within full trading sessions. When trading full time you’ll choose a working day that features a full session or a selected period to trade during the intersection of various sessions and thus the foremost} of the most active trading hours within the forex market.

The Third Feature

Pivot points. the employment of pivot points and similar tools to spot support and resistance levels is more efficient and applicable when trading during a full session. Full time trading allows you to follow the trend and therefore the price response when of these important levels are tested. Most part-time traders miss this feature which is why they’ll miss out on some trading opportunities related to daily pivot points.

Fourth Feature

Organization. you may discover that trading at fixed intervals on a daily basis will automatically regulate your work as a trader, still as cause you to more disciplined, which provides a chance to boost the extent of regulation all told aspects of forex trading.

Fifth Feature

Moving breakpoints. Some forex platforms don’t support the utilization of automatic trailing stop orders (eg the Streamster platform offered by AGEA). If your trading strategy requires the employment of trailing stop-loss orders, you may be able to apply this feature manually when trading forex full time.

Sixth Feature

More trading opportunities. When trading over the course of a full day, which usually takes 7-8 hours, you’ll find more favorable opportunities to enter trades than when trading only some hours chosen arbitrarily during the day. When trading full time, you’ll be able to also check the smaller time frames and find more opportunities on them.

Seventh Feature

learning. Full-time forex trading provides a chance to find out from your experiences, winning and losing trades. within the period between closing one position and opening another, you may have lots of time to browse the market reports, analyze the trading history similarly as read some forex books — all very useful practices for improving your trading skills.

Eighth Feature

Interact with the news during a timely manner. The trader must react quickly and accurately to the discharge of important news within the forex market. The full-time trader has the chance to interact with most of the currency related news because it is released.

The Ninth and Final Feature

communication. A full-time forex trader can communicate with other traders during breaks as he will have lots of time to try and do so. Many forex platforms provide an internet chat service for this. Some traders may choose to use forex forums to interact with others. In any case, communication along with your fellow traders remains a superb opportunity to enhance trading efficiency and results.


These were the benefits that you simply can get from trading forex full time, but that doesn’t mean that this method doesn’t have some disadvantages, but the article doesn’t have the space to point out them

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